What killed 4 Ghanaians in South Africa

What killed 4 Ghanaians in South Africa


Police in South Africa have ruled out anti-foreigner attacks in the death of four Ghanaians in a small South African town of Heibron Saturday.

Police told a delegation from the Ghanaian community today that the deaths may have been caused by fumes from a generator in the salon.

Kofi Siaw is Secretary of the Ghanaian Community in Bloemfontein and spoke to JOYNEWS’ Fred Smith said they are baffled at the findings.

However, the Ghana High Commission will receive details of the police investigations, including identities of the victims.

But the latest incident brings the number of Ghanaians killed to five – all in the period of xenophobic attacks.

Ghana’s High Commissioner Kwesi Ahwoi says he’s eager to get some answers from a delegation sent to Heibron.



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