More prisoners to break cell in the coming months – Security analyst predicts


Security Analyst Emmanuel Sowatey has predicted more prisoner escapes from police cells in the coming months.

According to him, the police can do very little to stop menace because they are under resourced.

A prisoner escaped from the watch of a police officer while returning from the court on Wednesday in Accra .

Already, Police in the Volta region are dealing with the escape of some criminals from police custody in Denu although three out of the seven escapees have been rearrested.

In an interview with Starr News, Sowatey said the police cannot be blamed for such occurrences until they are well equipped by the government.

“The police cannot be entirely held accountable for the situation, the government must take 80 percent of the blame because they are supposed to provide the resources for the police.

“There are issues that are strategic and others that are operational in nature but this particular one must be viewed from the strategic angle.

“And If nothing is done to resource the police immediately, we not going to see an end to it now; not at all,” he stated.


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