Family blames Korle-Bu nurses for patient’s suicide

Family blames Korle-Bu nurses for patient’s suicide


The family of the 54-year-old man who hanged himself while on admission at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital is blaming the nurses on duty for the death of their relative.

Kwaku Amarkye Boateng, was waiting a surgical operation when he strayed outside to hang himself on Saturday.

A daughter of the deceased Sandra Amarkye narrated to Citi News: “my dad had infection with the bladder. They were waiting to perform a surgical operation on him on Tuesday April 21. According to him that was the doctors told him. We were with some of our uncles at the Korle Bu Police station to enquire of him. We saw our uncles rushed out of the Police station after which we received a call from them, that our dad has hanged himself.”

Sandra added that, “It was actually in the early hours of Saturday when my step mum came to clean him that she found out that our dad was missing. She confronted the nurses and they told her that my dad left the surgical Ward G, at about 11: 30 pm on Friday, telling them that he wanted to buy mobile phone credit.”

“One of the nurses told us that she left the ward for the theater and left one other nurse at the ward. The other one also said he left to get something at the office. One also said she saw my dad go out of the ward while another is saying that my dad told her that he was going to get some fresh air,” she added.

Sandra Amarkye lamented that “the accounts the nurses are giving us are not coherent. At least, when they found out that my dad was missing they should have called any of the phone numbers in his medical folder. In fact I will blame the nurses and authorities of the Surgical Ward G for negligence.”


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