Execute corrupt Ghana officials – Kofi Amoah

Execute corrupt Ghana officials – Kofi Amoah


Accomplished Ghanaian entrepreneur Dr Kofi Amoah has said the best way to combat corruption in Ghana is to execute persons who engage in the act.

According to him, although the suggestion seems harsh, it will serve as a deterrent to others since the festering canker has eaten too much into the Ghanaian society.

‘Citizen Kofi’ as he is affectionately called said going the “China” way to “eliminate” corrupt officials will save Ghana from the dire economic situation.

“If you go into public office and steal money, we must eliminate you like the Chinese do,” Dr Amoah told Accra-based Joy FM.

He added: “I’m sorry but that’s how I feel… we must give it a strong serious attention.”

According to the accredited African partner for the Western Union Money transfer business, Ghana must stop going round to “beg” for money and invest in the agricultural sector to grow the economy.

He reiterated that “Ghana has no economy” since “we have to keep borrowing to pay our debt.” He described the borrowing spree as a “Ponzi scheme.”

Dr Amoah said there is hope for the ailing economy only if the government focuses on building confidence in its own people.

He condemned the International Monetary Fund bailout because he believes it may not inure to the benefit of Ghana.

Dr Amoah encouraged the youth to go into farming and must see it as a dignified profession since one can make huge sums of money out of it.

“Ghana can become a bread basket of Africa instead of this hopeless basket case we are going around borrowing with,” he added.


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