8 ways to be your husband’s best friend …


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If you are married you may be wondering how you can be your husband’s best friend. It’s not enough to just be in love; you and your spouse really should strive to be best friends. So how do you get to be your husband’s best friend? The answer is simple enough.

Check out these 8 ways to be your husband’s best friend.

1. Fun times

You have got to spend time together. Join him in some of his favorite activities and get him to join in your favorite activities as well. Try new things together too, to see what you like. My husband likes to fish and I’ve tried to fish with him a few times, but it’s really not my thing. However, I still love to go out on the boat with him. Now whenever he goes fishing I just bring my favorite book and read while he fishes.

2. Share his excitement

What makes your husband excited? What is he passionate about? Find out about those things and ask questions or research the topic to learn more. His excitement may be a favorite sports team, a certain band, a political stance, or a video game.

When he starts to tell you about his team’s new quarterback or talk politics don’t just stare up at him blankly counting the seconds until the conversation is over. Join in his excitement. Let him know that even though you don’t personally care about these things, that you care about him and the things that make him tick.

3. Love him for his weaknesses

Still wanting to know how to be your husband’s best friend? Don’t forget to love him for his weaknesses too. It was probably his best qualities that first attracted you to your spouse. But now that you are married you have started to see some of his weaker qualities.

Don’t bash him for them. My husband is not a Mr. Fix-it kind of guy. If I were to hand him a tool box and say, “Hey the dryer is broken, go do something about it.”, he would look at me with his sweet little lost puppy dog eyes and we’d bust out laughing. We both know he is not that kind of guy and I never give him grief over it.

4. Lift him up

A lot of times we expect our husbands to be so strong both physically and emotionally. Sometimes carrying the weight of the world to be that sort of man can be very draining for your husband and family. One way to be your husband’s best friend is to give him a break sometimes. Share that burden with him, doing so will show how much you do love and care for him.

5. Praise his talents

Just as we all have our weaknesses, we also have talents. What is your husband’s best talent? Let him know how amazing you think those things are. Even if you have been together for 30 years and he has heard you tell him time and again how incredible he is at the things he does well, keep telling him. That praise is very uplifting and encouraging to him and exactly the kind of things best friends do for each other.

6. Forgive

No one is perfect. He is going to mess up. He is going to forget a birthday or an anniversary. He may forget you planned a special dinner and bring his friends home to watch the big game. It’s okay to get mad, that is natural. But don’t drag it out and don’t let him suffer from guilt. Forgive him and move on.

7. Put him first

Another way to be your husband’s best friend is to put him first. He is your husband and you want him to be your best friend. That means he needs to come first. Don’t ditch plans with your husband to go shopping with your friends. I don’t know about you, but if one of my friends constantly bailed on me with new plans when someone else came about, they wouldn’t be on my BFF list any longer



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