2nd Update: Upper East NPP chairman passes on after acid attack

2nd Update: Upper East NPP chairman passes on after acid attack

The Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party Adams Mahama has died in the hospital following an acid attack near his home last night.

Daily Graphic reporter Abdulah Hamid has reported that Mr. Adams Mahama passed away 7 am this morning.

Mr. Mahama fought for his life in the hospital after two assailants stopped his car as he approached his home near midnight on Wednesday. The assailants poured corrosive acide over his face and entire body.

“The seats of his pickup have all been torn by the acid,” said the Public Relations Officer of the Upper East Regional Police ASP. “He was showered with the acid, from the head through the face to the body and all parts.”

The regional chairman was rushed to the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

Mr. Mahama knew the assailants, and shared their identities with his wife before passing on, according to a family member of the late Chairman.

According to the same report, immediately following the attack, his family could hear Mr. Mahama calling for help. He rushed into the family home, where his wife attempted to remove his clothing, suffering  lesions on her face, hands and body in the process..


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